For   ambiance

The main purpose of these fireplaces is the ambiance and comfort of a wood fire, with doors opened or closed. If needed, they are also an alternate heat source.

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These fireplaces are used for the same purpose as conventional decorative wood fireplaces. However, their emissions have been tested and are below the limit proposed by Phase II of the EPA Voluntary Wood Fireplace Program. You are making a smart environmental choice.

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For   performance

The main purpose of these fireplaces is eco-friendly heating, with emissions below the limits imposed by EPA (40 CFR Part 60) and the benefit of an efficient, overnight burn. If needed, they can be used for ambiance with the doors opened.

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These magnificent fireplaces make your home unique while providing an efficient heat source. Soaptstone is an incredible heat-absorbing material. The energy produced by one single fire will be stored and released as heat throughout an entire day.

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